Welcome to the way of yoga!


As you can see in our schedule we have classes led in English. However you can join any classes you wish, our teachers can show you how to practice and whenever needed can also give instructions in English.


We have yoga mats but you can bring your own if you want. You can take a shower after the classes but we do not have towels, so you have to bring your own. All you need is comfortable clothes for the practice. You do not have to register for the classes, you can come to the classes whenever you want. We offer tea after classes.


The studio is located in Szeged, at Petőfi Sándor sgt. 41. The building is located on the corner of Petofi and Moszkva avenue. The entrance can be accessed from Moszkva avenue


Classes: l g - spine yoga l h - hatha yoga l s - stress relief yoga l f - flow yoga l
- beginner - beginner - stronger type of yoga for beginners also



No need for registration
The reception opens 30 minutes before the classes.



You can pay only in cash. ( HUF )


The first class is free!

  one time entry: 1 600 HUF  



  5 time pass:
7 700 HUF
Valid for 5 entries for any type of class
  10 time pass:
15 000 HUF
Valid for 10 entries for any type of class
  4 weeks pass:
17 000 HUF





Students, Pensioners, In maternity -10% off





The first class is free!
No need for registration

One time entry: 1 600 HUF

5 class pass: 7700 HUF
10 class pass: 15 000 HUF
4 weeks pass: 17 000 HUF

You can pay only in cash (HUF)


The reception opens 30 minutes before the classes.

Mandala Gerincjóga
Rendszer Egyesület

Minden jog fenntartva.





Mandala Jóga Szeged
6722 Szeged, Petőfi S. sgt 41./b

Mandala Jóga Nyugati
1132 Bp., Kresz Géza u. 27.

Mandala Jóga Liget
1078 Bp., Nefelejcs u. 58.

Mandala Jóga Deáktér
1075 Budapest, Rumbach S. u. 8.

Mandala Jóga Pasarét
1026 Budapest, Nagyajtai u. 4/a.

Mandala Jóga Római
1031 Budapest, Nánási út 30.

Mandala jóga Újbuda
1114 Bp. Bartók Béla út 55.

Mandala Jóga Pécs
7623 Pécs, Petőfi Sándor u. 56.

Mandala Jóga Debrecen
4025 Debrecen, Piac u. 45-47.




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